About Victory Fundraising

With over 60 years of combined experience in the fundraising industry, Victory Fundraising was established in the western region of the country as a member of the NFA. The NFA is a nationwide organization of over 100 fundraising professionals that previously all worked together to create the national leader in the athletic fundraising industry. The reps at Victory have worked with over 600 athletic groups in the west every year, and have helped those groups raise a combined $2.5 million every year for their programs. These funds have gone on to help fuel the experiences, lessons, and teamwork that our coaches bring to young athletes everyday.

Victory looks forward to continuing to bring coaches the most organized, easiest, most profitable fundraiser in the industry. Quite simply put: Our groups make the most money, in the least amount of time, with no headaches. Many companies in the industry today promise higher profits per unit, or will distribute wholesale cards to groups and expect the coaches or parents to run the fundraisers. Through our innovative program, and exceptional service, we make groups the most money. What’s more important, we are with you from beginning to end. We don’t succeed unless you do, so we have a vested interest in your program. It is through this partnership that we consult with the coaches and work hand-in-hand with them and their athletes to run a smooth fundraiser that ultimately makes them the most money. We have the most innovative and highest quality products in the industry as well. We partner up with thousands of local and national merchants by meeting them in person and creating long-lasting relationships. By taking pride in our work, we are able to create relationships between our groups and the communities they are in. Our mentality is summed up by a quote from Edward C. Simmons: "The difference between success and failure is doing something nearly right, or doing it exactly right."

All of us at Victory, as former high school and college athletes and coaches, understand and appreciate what coaches do for all of their athletes. We know how hard they work to bring the experiences and opportunities to their programs. Our passion is to allow coaches to coach, by assisting them with the fundraiser from beginning to end, not creating more for them and their athletes to figure out and tackle on their own. Our goal: To help your program get their first victory of the year...financial success.

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