Key Tag

Our Key Tag is professionally packaged and loaded with value. We start off by creating relationships with local, citywide, and national merchants and businesses. We partner up with them to provide the best discounts in the industry to support your program. Then, we work hard to personalize your product with your name, logo, pictures and schedule. By wrapping this all up in a professional package, the community gets to not only support your program, but save hundreds of dollars at their favorite restaurants, fast food places, and attractions throughout the year.

Gold Cards

We also offer an alternative to our premium Key Tag product called "The Gold Card." The Gold Card offers your program a less expensive option for the community to help support your program. Without some of the bells and whistles of the Key Tag, the "Gold Card" is still a great option if your looking to raise thousands of dollars in a short, one-week time period. One of our Fundraising Coaches will be happy to help you determine which product will work best to help you reach your financial goals.

Key Tag Key Tag Gold Card