Victory Pack

Our V-Pack is a great discount product that really takes promoting your team to the next level. The top panel of this paper-like product displays multiple pictures, logos, and schedules to really personalize and promote your program. We enlist the help of local restaurants, golf courses, services and attractions to provide a total value of up to $500 savings on each product. Each merchant includes up to 4 perforated coupons that the consumer can perforate and redeem at some of their favorite places. The consumer has up to a full year to redeem these coupons, so they have a great opportunity to use all of the savings on each product.

In some areas we are able to enlist the help of our exclusive partner, Restaurant.Com to give your customers an immediate $25 gift card to one of their favorite restaurants. With this feature, not only does your program make more money, your customers get all of their money back in one use. We have now made helping your program absolutely FREE!!! Gift Card
Victory Pack Victory Pack